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Home remedies for pink eye is simple? The eyes make for one of the human body’s sense organs that work almost 24 hours a day, which makes for the reason that it can succumb to certain ailments that might work to debilitate its functions. While there can be certain things that can be done to relive most cases of such conditions, things such as natural remedies would be a different matter. Itching and involuntary twitching are some of the things that can work to affect the eye area, but when one manages to contract the condition, it is a totally different story compared to these other things.

The symptoms can be a variety of things, depending on which kind you may have the symptoms will be different.

Viral and bacteria conjunctivitis are very contagious, it can be spread very easily. If you contract make sure you stay home for a couple days and take the medication that the doctor supplied for you. Both conjunctivitis have to run their coarse, the medications that the doctors prescribe are for soothing pink eye not really for curing it. Allergic one is a different story, the doctor will usually give you some eye drops. A eye drop solution called Patanol is a very good remedy for allergic condition. Just have to take it 2 times a day until it is all cleared up.


Just remember if the problems persist without going away it is important to go see your eye care doctor to make sure it’s not something more serious. If you have any questions or comments please contact us, we would like to hear any comments you may have on treatments for pink eye.

The Basic Information

What is a Pink Eye?

It might come off as curious for people to look for home remedies even if they are not fully aware yet on what such a condition would be all about. Often referred to as sore eyes, this condition is an inflammation of the eyes that occurs on the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva would be the outermost layer within an eye, and would also include the inner surface on one’s eyelids. This has given birth to the term conjunctivitis, which is also known as Madras Eye by some people.

Most people find it a scary sight to encounter someone who is suffering from conjunctivitis, most especially since it makes for a scary set of eyes. When such occurs, the eyes are rimmed with red around the eyeballs. This can make for a threatening encounter as well, because one can actually increase risks of acquiring a Pink Eye when they are exposed to people who actually suffer from such an ailment.

What Causes?

When looking at certain remedies, one must check out the causes of such to determine how to approach treatment for the condition effectively. Because it would spring up without even affecting the normalcy of visual acuity, countering such at an early stage often makes for an elusive effort to stop it from taking root in a person’s eye.

The Different Ways of How Conjunctivitis Spreads

Contracting it can take place in a number of ways, and it can work out through a virus. Viral Conjunctivitis is one of the most contagious ailments that people should be wary of. This kind of conjunctivitis starts can go about with one having a certain infection in the upper respiratory tract, and can also make for a cold or a sore throat, and maybe both.

There can be a few home remedies, which will be discussed later. It is important to note though that the symptoms of such would be variable itching in the eye area as well as a watery discharge. Viral Conjunctivitis is the one that is more commonly known to be the Pink Eye. This would manifest as a fine pinkness in the conjunctiva, often of bleeding colors of light pink that can be in the form of veins.

Another way that conjunctivitis can occur is through bacterial transmission. Bacterial Conjunctivitis is a tougher infection that will occur in the eye area, which makes for the use of home remedies quite a challenge. This is mainly because this kind of eye infection will have yellow eye discharge that will issue from one’s eyes. This kind of discharge will also be of the stringy, opaque, kind of grayish type which can cause the lids of the eyes to stick together.

Bacterial conjunctivitis can be used, although this type of infection can work to make for crusting of the infected eye as well as the surrounding skin. This kind of infection will also make for easier spreading into the other eye, and Corynebacterium diphtheriae will cause membrane formation in the conjunctiva in most non immunized children.

There are also conditions that are caused by Chemical Eye Injury, especially from substances of alkali or acidic nature that will get into the eye. There would be mild burns, which can work into becoming a white spot on eye. Burning corneas are severe, and can actually work into making for more impaired eyesight, and should be looked upon by a doctor immediately to work on treatment for such.

Those who are asking about what causes red eyes can also look into this matter, as Conjunctivitis of this kind is a fusion of two enteroviruses, which can also be conjunctivitis caused by other bacteria such as Chlamydia trachomatis, which leads to acute purulent conjunctivitis.

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