How to Remove Tonsil Stones Safely at Home Using Low-Tech Implements

A lot of people ask about how to remove tonsils stones safely and effectively. Well, yes there are many, in fact, it usually involves affordable means. There are three broad categories to remove tonsil stones. First, there are natural removal, surgery, and medications. Many people prefer natural means because it is cheaper and besides, anyone can carry out the removal right at home.

It is not a pleasant sight, but is it a necessary operation that requires careful execution, in a clean environment. This condition afflicts children, teen and adults, so never think that you are alone. Before we can jump to the removal instructions, let us consider carefully what tonsil stones and the symptoms are.

What are Tonsil Stones and the Symptoms?

The stones are food particles, bacteria, and other materials that solidify on the surface of the tonsils. Sometimes, they can be hard and sometimes, they are soft. The accumulation of the calcified debris can lead to the symptoms. Often times, some of them may be present after coughing. You might notice small stones that vary in color from white to yellow pieces.

The stones can be embarrassing and troublesome. Among the symptoms, include foul breath, discomfort in the throat, sharp pain when swallowing, and lumps on the throat. Natural means of removing the stones can only be possible when they are large enough for you to see it. Although the stones may be small, the symptoms are all together perceivable.

How to Remove Tonsil Stones at Home

  • First, you will need the following; a clean earwax remover or ear curette (usually made of metal – sterilized), a bobby pin, or water pick. Make sure the materials undergo a thorough sterilization process. You will also need a standing mirror and adequate lighting. Before the procedure, give your mouth a thorough cleaning. Wash your hands well. Now you are ready for the procedure.
  • In front of the mirror, push your tonsils outward by sticking out your tongue as far as possible. With a steady hand, carry out a gentle yet firm scraping action. You need to be gentle and take your time. Take a deep breath each time before scraping, so that you can take out as much stones as possible.
  • Gargle with warm water after every scraping. This will help loosen the stones. You can always do the removal the next day when you feel a stinging sensation. Never be so hasty to remove them all. You can continue to do so after every 2 days. This is how to remove the stones cheaply.

 When to See a Doctor

While some tonsil stones are hard to see, you may notice the same symptoms as you would if you have larger stones. This is the part when you need to see a doctor. These stones are identifiable using X-rays or CT-Scan. Many choose to use formulated gargle instead of surgery. It is much cheaper, and it removes the underlying causes of bad breath. The stones cause embarrassing symptoms but now, you know exactly what to do. Always remember, to observe cleanliness when performing the removal. There is always a cheaper and better way of tonsil stones removal.

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