Candied Almonds

by Stuart

Almonds are nuts that are quite rich in nutrients and therefore are beneficial for in quite numerous ways. Now are almonds good for you? Consuming them in not only nutritionally beneficial and good for your health, but often they are also a part of various sweet dishes and are even delicious to eat. Yet for those who find raw almonds either too bitter or lacking ideal taste, they can actually find quite a variety of candied almonds that bring rich sweetness into this nut and can become even more optimal to be added to furthermore sweet dishes and even be consumed just as they. Eating them is quite enjoyable and they themselves are able to act as delicious sweets.

As delicious as candy almonds really are, they are also quite easy to prepare right at your home, rather than purchasing them from the market. Apart for merely eating candied apples as a regular sweet, they are often also used as specialty sweets at occasions such as Christmas and other such special events.

Ingredients and preparation:

To prepare candied almonds you do not require too many ingredients, nor is the method of preparation too complicate, hence preparing them right at home wouldn’t be much of a task.

Firstly, to begin preparing these nuts you would require a baking tray over which they have to be spread out and properly arrange to be baked ideally. Once they have been widely spread on top of the tray, the baking tray then has to be placed within a cold oven.

Once the baking the tray is in the oven, the heat of the over has to be turned up to three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit and should be allowed to properly roast for about fifteen to twenty minutes. To cause the almonds to evenly get roasted and not get burn, you can occasionally also stir them for a while as they are being cooked.

All the while the almonds are being cooked, also cook up a honey mixture along with butter in it over a medium flame on the top of the stove, till is starts to boil.

Once the honey mixture gets boiled allow it to further simmer for a minute or two and then add in them which should have been cooked by then. Once they are added in the honey and butter mixture, allow the entire content to further simmer for a few minutes.

Keep a bowl already prepared that has been half filled with sugar enough to cover all the almonds. Place them over a wax paper and allow them to cool down. When they cool down, put all of them in the sugar bowl and mix them up till all of them are coated with sugar.

Once they dry up and the almonds further cool down, they are ready to be eaten and enjoyed. These candied nuts can ideally be stored within an airtight jar and be consumed for quite a long period of time.

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