5 symptoms of Genital Warts

There are different symptoms visible in case of genital warts. These symptoms may be difficult to find out, as they are not much pain causing or prominent in nature. So in this article we are going to talk about common symptoms of genital warts.

5 symptoms of Genital Warts

1. In case of men, in general, comparing with genital herpes, genital warts appear like raised soft mass. If you find such masses at your urethra, scrotum, penis or rectal area, then look well into that. It may be a symptom of genital wart. These raised masses may have two types of surfaces-smooth and rough. The masses that appear in the penis may have smooth surface.

The warts that appear in the anal area may have rough surface. When you find pear or cauliflower shaped raised structures then examine well because it may be a symptom of genital wart. Finger like projections may also be another symptom of genital wart. Most of the genital warts are raised, but in some case you may find some flat genital warts also. Hidden lesions may be a symptom of genital wart, which you should not ignore.

2. In women, you will find similar symptoms like in men. Here genital warts are seen in the vaginal opening and labia minora. Lesions appear in the inner as well as outer parts of the genital. As these lesions may not be visible properly so a thorough examination is needed for finding it out.

Examination of the inner section of the vagina is necessary for finding out the symptoms and diagnosis of the disease. In some cases prominent symptoms like vaginal discharge, bleeding after sexual intercourse or itching may appear.

3. In case of wart in the urethral opening, you may find problems like urinary obstruction and bleeding. This is seen in the initial stage. This happens as the warts obstruct the urethral opening. Urethral opening is the point where urine exits the body. It may be painful also as you are not able to discharge your urine deposit.

4. Painless bumps are the most common symptom that is seen in case of genital wart. Itching of the body parts where the genital warts are present is another common problem.

In some cases discharge from the genitals is common. You should look for such symptoms. A close look up may be necessary in most of the cases.

5. When you find warts of various sizes, then check them as genital warts may be of various sizes. It may vary from 1 millimeter to several centimeters. Large sized lesions or warts appear as the warts join together to form a bigger one.

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