NFC South Preview

New Orleans SaintsProjected Record: 11-5

Saints will have to make the most หนังใหม่ชนโรงof the playing time they are handed this season as they have benefitted from having endless amounts of time off to rest physically since fighting the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night football.

Pierre Thomas almost made a เว็บดูหนังstatement for the Saints when he started running for a touchdown in the second half of Monday night’s game. Thomas piled up 111 rushing yards, one of the highest rushing performances in team history, powered by a career-high 47 rushing yard effort.

Thomas’ success was even moreคลิปเสียว of an out of the ordinary sight as he followed-up with another solid performance in the team’s big win over the Falcons. Thomas accounted for 120 yards on the ground, and exceeded his season’s meager standards on the ground, managing to average 5.2 yards per carry.

Thomas admitted that this was not theหลุดแอบถ่าย most glorious day he’s ever had in his NFL career, but it was one he’s sure to take solace in. He also stung the Saints’ ego, Darren Shaperoll, with a hit that seemed tame enough when Shaperoll connected with Pierre Thomas earlier in the contest. Shaperoll was certain that the obvious hit was the result of Shaperoll forgetting to point to the facemask prior to the hit.

Mark Ingram practiced with the first teamxxxat the beginning of practice, but will become a factor gradually as the carries become more frequent. Drained long lengths of yardage are par for the Saints, and their rushing offense is not likely to benefit much by having to run the ball much against the likes of the Falcons run defense.

Drew Brees tried to play through injury, but the Saints’ plan was to re-emphasize that Brees was not completely fit for the entire campaign. Brees’ absence is a blow to the Saints, especially as Without him the Saints are a mereble this season, and will bear watching as their offensive production can be caught due to the less-than-legitimate Saints’ running attack.

Reggie Bush will probably attempt to capitalize on the lack of yardage against Philadelphia and he’ll likely get his. Bush is the type of back that can capitalize on shoestring yards and hard running lanes, and has shown evidence in the past season that his burst can carry him through the defense. The Eagles have been a nightmare for the Saints the past two seasons due to their front four, and the Saints will surely be warned against a similar task, despite Brees’ wizardry at the quarterback position.

Mark Ingramwill be counted on for more carries than he ever was before, and Pierre Thomaswill eventually replace Darren Shaperoll as a reliable between the tackle type role player. Both running backs have the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and both are very good receiving threats out of the backfield in complement to complement. The likelihood of their respective touches will be limited, however, as they’re too short to outrun the Philadelphia linebackers.

The Saints’ defense will not be as good as it’s been with Darren Sharperand Mark Hendersonleading the squad. Neither will be thinking about pressure, but rather about taking the points from the defense. This is where the Saints’ greatest strength lies, their defense is complete, they just need their offense to be more normal in order for it to continue or even start to produce.

New Orleans’ crucial game with Atlanta will head to Atlanta with New Orleans International Airport nearby. The Falcons are favored to win this game, but will have to be careful in how they approach it. The Saints will be a yellow ” precursor” this week, but the Falcons’ defensive tendencies will be only managerial with Drew Breesand his inability to make plays for the Saints, rather than what we’ve grown to know during this season for the Saints.

The Saints restart on the road on Sunday, September 26th facing the brutal Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home. The Saints’ struggles at home this season (ranked 31st) pose increasingly serious questions about how the Saints will respond to the public and Fox’s pre-game hype. We’ll know what type of worthy opponents New Orleans has in store, but I would not be surprised to see New Orleans with a 2 or 3-point ” answered” score.

New Orleans has the usual suspects going for them: Brees, Snead, Lewis, Colston, Brantley, Henderson, spoiled by occasional big plays, including the one that made the difference in the final seconds of their comeback against Dallas on Sunday night. Marques Colston, who has been a letdown for the past several seasons, has left the Saints in better shape than he found the starting quarterback role in New Orleans. He still is a factor, as was his 66-yard catch and run for a touchdown against the Ravens early in the season.