should I buy an Electrolysis Machine?

I heard of electrolysis, but หนังใหม่ 2021being a regular user of the razor and tweezers, as well as waxing and shaving, I always wanted to know the basics of how it was performed. I didn’t want to ask my husband, logically, he would not want to hear about the works.

We got into a discussion onคลิป18+ this and although he eventuallyrocured his share of the soap, fridge and chain-mail scars, he actually had some useful information for those humble creams and razors he used regularly.

As any good husband would know, the secret to having a successful relationship with your ดูหนังผีsignificant other, is listening to what he has to say. After all, if you both have a problem finding each other again, there is a good chance that your partner won’t be yourNumber One Fan Friendly anymore.

trefilage added that although ouratted skin could be removed by shaving and ดูคลิปโป๊ฟรีother treatments, itwasn’t the best way to achieve the desired results. He recommended that we get electrolysis instead.

What an Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a ดูหนังavprocess to remove unwanted hair from the body. The current involves inserting a needle into the skin and using electricity to kill the hair at the root. Trefilage explained that it was a long process, and involved several sessions on average. Trefilage said that if you wanted to remove hair permanently, it would take many treatments, and be avery expensive prospect. He told me that once youbathe in the pool you can kill the hair there permanentlyand it would never grow back.

Trefilage told me that once people saw how great his removal worked, they never forgot. He told me that one woman was seeing a man who had had his back done. He kept coming back every two weeks. He explained to me that the woman was now six months pregnant, and wanted to have the back removed for birth control purposes.

How long does it take?

Trefilage said that it may take as many as 200 electrolysis treatments, spread about two months apart, to get the back you want.


After some research, I discovered that creams soundworse than electrolysis and the procedure itself. According to the site,waxing and creams can take twenty minutes, but require one to four wands worth of hair.


Three days after the first treatment, the treated hair falls out. One treatment will remove one percent of the hair. After each treatment, it is replaced by new hairs. Electrolysis requires a series of treatments over a period of months.

Is it painful?

There is some pain involved at first, but it is not as painful as a waxing session. After all, the idea is to kill the hair at the root, not just remove it from the skin.

Sclerotherapy has only been used for a few years, so there is no long-term data to support the claim. Also, experiments with small animal groups suggest that it does not cause adverse side effects.


In the small studies that are available, results are mixed. Some report permanent hair reduction, while others find the results to be temporary. It is impossible to know, from the results, whether the treatments work or not.


It israid to experiment with hair removal methods that have not been proved. Electrolysis might work for some people, but not for others. Plus, it is expensive. Only individuals who suffer from severe cases of excess hair can afford to have electrolysis performed.

Hair removal will always be a personal choice. Some will choose to have permanent treatments. Others will experiment with various methods. Only those who truly need to know how to remove excess hair will choose electrolysis.